The RUST Tragedy I am sure most of you know about the tragedy which occurred during the making of the movie “Rust”. Just another tragic example of “I didn’t know the gun was loaded”. And every week we hear of multiple people dying as a result of gunshot wounds. We have to find a way […]

Can You Spot the Vapes?

can you spot the vapes

Vapes can look like… a watch, bottle of lotion, a pen, airpods, a jump drive(USB) and many other items. Many of the pod/cartridge flavors are marketed for kids: watermelon, Grape Nerds, Captain Crunch, apple pie, Unicorn flavor and much more. Nicotine, Addiction & Safety One Juul pod has as much nicotine as a pack of […]

A Simple Hand Signal Saves Lives

A Simple Hand Signal Saves Lives

A Surge In Domestic Violence Police will tell you that responding to domestic disturbances may be some of the most difficult and dangerous missions they face. With domestic abuse, child trafficking and abductions running rampant in our communities, people may not know how to help or what to look for…until now.   “I Need Help” […]