A Simple Hand Signal Saves Lives

A Simple Hand Signal Saves Lives

A Surge In Domestic Violence

Police will tell you that responding to domestic disturbances may be some of the most difficult and dangerous missions they face.

With domestic abuse, child trafficking and abductions running rampant in our communities, people may not know how to help or what to look for…until now.


canadianwomen“I Need Help”

A simple hand signal, created by the Canadian Woman’s Foundation in response to a surge in domestic violence is now an international signal for “I Need Help”.


It is really very simple: Hold your hand up, tuck your thumb in, and close your fingers over your thumb.

TikTok is fun, it’s entertaining and it also can save lives.

The video above explains how “a 16-year-old girl who was being abducted in a car made a distress signal made popular on TikTok.

Everything we can do to help keep each other stay safe is another step toward a better life for all of us.

The Inner Truth ProjectMaking a difference in the community

The Inner Truth Project is a local non-profit that helps survivors of sexual trauma. Fetterman & Associates is proud to be a longtime supporter and sponsor of ITP’s mission. If you need help, support groups or want to donate to a great cause, click here.

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